Hebbal Assembly Constituency

Hebbal Assembly constituency is one of the assembly segment of Karnataka state. It is a part of Bengaluru Urban district and comes under Bengaluru North parliamentary constituency.

Hebbal, once considered the northern endpoint of the city, is now the epicenter of its growth, as Bangalore spreads its tentacle-like flyovers in every direction. The last two decades have seen the conversion of what was essentially a cluster of villages, set apart by Hebbal Lake, into one of Bangalore’s busiest and populated suburbs.

As Hebbal turned into a gateway for the new airport, driving land prices up, rents and property rates in the heart of the city have rendered it unlivable for a large population. From private gated community projects to IT ‘parks’, Hebbal has witnessed explosive growth without checks and balances or corresponding changes in infrastructure.

This has put greater stress on the water table, garbage and drainage systems, just as the indiscriminate appetite for land has swallowed up what little public spaces are available for citizens, not to mention the massive scams involved in granting permissions.

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