“If you believe in living a responsible life, You believe in self-help which is the best help”

-Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
Professional Life

Ethics are a set of principles that determine the behavior of an individual or group in terms of moral duties. Ethics are also defined as set of moral codes. Ethics help to determine and differentiate what is right and what is wrong. Professional ethics are a set of principles, linked morally to a specific profession. Natural Moral Sense is the basis of professional ethics. Every human being is granted moral sense that helps him to determine ethics link to his profession.

I started my professional life soon after completing BA. LLB in the year 2000 from Bangalore University by enrolling as an Advocate at Karnataka State Bar Council- Karnataka. I started practicing as a Junior Advocate under Mr. M.G. Kumar, Senior Advocate of High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore. As juniors, we learn the baby steps; starting from stitching the files to filing the applications/cases in the court and procedures. Practical experience is a great experience to learn any profession and specially law practice learning in court was my foundation learning. Since the very beginning, I used to watch the cases of the Supreme Court of India on the TV and read about several decided case laws of the Supreme Court. I got influenced by the Kesavananda Bharati Judgement, a landmark decision of the Supreme Court of India that outlined the basic structure doctrine of the Indian Constitution. The case is also known as the Fundamental Rights Case. The court asserted its right to strike down amendments to the constitution that were in violation of the fundamental architecture of the constitution. I was very determined to practice in the Supreme Court of India, New Delhi. My fate and destiny sent me to New Delhi. 

I hail from a business class family. My father was a Government Contractor before starting his own construction company and none in my family was from a legal background. I was the first Law graduate who entered into the practice of law in Courts and migrated from Bangalore to New Delhi to explore Supreme Court Practice. New Delhi being a city of “Dil walo ki” (city of people with good heart), showed me the real value of money and leading an independent life. Initially, as most of us face difficulties, similarly I had to go through hardships; but with my mother’s & Almighty’s blessings, I got a job under a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court, Mr. Madan Lal. After a period of 2 years, I got opportunities to practice with many prominent senior advocates. 12 years of practice at the Supreme Court of India gave me great exposure in practicing Corporate & Banking cases. I have also served as Panel Advocate at State Bank of India, Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd., Karnataka Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce and BMTC. 

During my practice, I was also participating in many seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. by presenting papers on many contemporary legal topics. In the year 2008, I was felicitated by the then President of India, Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Patil for presenting paper on Judicial Activism. This inspired & influenced me to enter into teaching/academics. I was totally committed to my professional life as the principles of my Professional ethics inveigled me to hold a successful professional life.