-Swami Vivekananda
Student Life

Student life is one of the most memorable stages of a person’s life. This stage builds the foundation of our life. In my student life, I learned not only from books but also to grow emotionally, physically, philosophically and socially. This phase of my life made me learn discipline and study. Besides that, life was quite enjoyable. Less struggle in student life. Get up early in the morning and get ready for school or college.

My junior schooling continued from 1981-1993. I was educated from pre-nursery to 6th grade at Bethany High School and from 7th to 10th grade at Cambridge Public School; Both are located in Koramangala, Bangalore. During my school days, I was very interested in public speaking, debate, sports and I excelled in academics. I have won many medals, trophies and certificates in inter-school and intra-school activities. 

Since my childhood I wanted to be a lawyer. But my mother insisted that I pursue science in pre-university and admitted me to Karunanidhi Pre-University College in association with PCMC from 1993-1995. 

My life phase changed after completing pre-university when I completed my law degree (BA LLB 5 years comprehensive course) from Bangalore University from 1995-20. During the course, I actively participated in state and national level debates, seminars and moot court competitions. In 1999, I was selected by the Department of Youth and Sports, Government of Karnataka for a youth exchange program to Sri Lanka. 

For the next phase of my student life, I focused on gaining more knowledge by pursuing LLM (Post Graduate) in Constitution and Legal Studies at University College of Law, Bangalore University in 2011; With Essay on “Citizenship and Nationality Law of India- A Study with Special Reference to Dual Citizenship” .

Furthermore, I am interested in doing research on the Muslim minority, as the Sachar Committee report brought national attention to the issue of inequality faced by Indian Muslims, sparking a debate on the issue. The Committee recommended the establishment of an Equal Opportunity Commission to provide a legal mechanism to address complaints of discrimination in matters such as housing. I am Dr. My research started in 2016 as a scholar at Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal under the guidance of Kusum Dixit, and my Doctor of Philosophy in Law titled “Legal and Constitutional Rights of Indian Muslim Minorities” was successful. (Implementation and impact of welfare schemes with special reference to Karnataka State) and I was awarded doctorate in 2021. During my research,

In short, one’s student life is nothing short of perfect. Although it has many ups and downs, it is worth it in the end. Our student life determines a lot of things in our life later. Therefore, we should strive for good students in academics and other aspects as well. It is like a backbone to a successful life later.